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Leep Station

Set up utilizes a reusable speculum with either a permanently attached or clip-in smoke tube.   Our electrode cleans up its own mess by suctioning smoke through the electrode so it is not seen!

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A952 - Bovie Bantam.png

A952 - Bovie Bantam

1 Unit

A1253_PATIENT PAD SPLIT_300dpi_s.jpg

Z1253 - Patient pads for Bantam or ESU

1/ box 25 units

Smoke Evacuator Unit with 35-Hour Filter.png

ZSE01 - Smoke Evacuator Unit with 35-Hour Filter, 100-120V

1 Unit

A1252C_GROUND CABLE ESU_300dpi_s.jpg

Z1252C - Patient cord for Bantam or ESU

1 Unit


Z-Cart - Procedure Cart for Hyfrecator & Smoke evacuator

1 Unit

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 2.32.42 PM.png

BP009 - Baby Tischler Biopsy Forceps

1 Unit

14-4015_Fluid Catch ESU_300dpi-s.jpg

14-4015 - Tissue Catch Tubing Kit

1 / box 10 units 

Coming Soon

14-4005J - Disposable J-tip Baby Tischler Forceps

1 / box 10 units 

Treatment Electrodes

All treatment electrodes suction smoke and fluid:

Leep Electrode List.jpg

Smoke-Evac Fusion
Suction/Coagulation - 6" 

Product # 14-1045T (sterile)  

We believe the best way to learn about our products is to see them in use.

Gynecology / LEEP

Gynecology / LEEP

Gynecology / LEEP
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LEEP Smoke-Evac Example

LEEP Smoke-Evac Example

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