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Advanced technology in endometrial biopsy. The Zinnanti Auto-Sample provides the best method for obtaining an adequate sample and efficiently transferring that sample to the specimen container. Avoid lost time of reinserting a plunger and losing a sample or not obtaining enough sample, which may require a repeat procedure.

Patent #9,968,34

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Product # 14-8006 (sterile) 


1 - Save time & avoid patient discomfort

Our flexible plastic curette tip has shown excellent patient tolerance. Avoid the need to remove, empty

and re-insert curette.


2 - Automatically collects an adequate sample in a single pass

Once inserted, press down on the latch tab to release the 3cc spring-loaded syringe.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.05.47 PM.png

3 - Released spring loaded syringe
Collect 3x the sample in one pass. Centimeter markings indicate position as the device is passed back and forth with rotation to collect tissue.

Screen Shot 2018-12-17 at 8.03.38 PM.png

4 - Transfer sample accurately & safely

Use thumb to simply expel the sample into the specimen container accurately with one hand.

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